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How to make a crepe?


People seem to be baffled by the simple crepe. New cooks in training – whether in a continuing education class or a formal culinary school – share the same perplexed look on their face when confronted with the class on “How do you make a great crepe?”  Unfortunately, the mystique …

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Chocolate Banana Crepe – Cooking With Children


Cooking crepes in Make Cooking Crepes in Electric Crepe Makers involving kids has another advantage. You can enjoy their company s well. You would no longer feel frustrated that you are not able to spend quality time with your kids. Moreover, children like various activities than go behind cooking like …

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What Is The Best Crepe Maker To Get?


Crepes are easy to make at home, believe it or not. These fantastic snacks were once restricted to bistros and restaurants, but thanks to the home crepe makers, you can enjoy crepes in the privacy of your own home. Crepes are difficult to create manually because you have to correctly …

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Making Crepes At Home


The reason why Electric Crepe Makers are a must for cooking French cuisine is because crepes are an integral part of French dining. You could have crepes as a dessert or even make a full meal out of it. The best part about these French recipes is that with good …

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How To Make Perfect Crepe?


Crepe batter needs to sit for a couple of hours. This according to many experts does not in any way add to the taste or hasten up the cooking process. The only benefit of allowing the crepe batter to sit for a longer while is that the final texture then …

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Best Commercial Crepe Maker – How To Choose?


Everybody Loves Crepes. Mmm… Writing this makes me want a crepe! The fact that more or less everybody loves crepes shows that there’s a market for it. Making the best crepes is only possible with a gas or electric commercial crepe maker. Single gas or electric commercial crepe makers are …

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How to make professional crepes at home?


Have you ever wanted to know how to make professional crepes at home? Voila! An electric crepe maker is your answer. Crepe-making is an art, but without the proper tools, it’s impossible to reproduce the magical taste you can enjoy in fine French restaurants or from crepe stands on the …

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Crepe Griddle – All You Need To Know About It


Crepes are a French specialty enjoyed the world over. They can come in multiple sizes and flavors, and the manners in which to fill and enjoy them are endless. With a crepe griddle and some practice, it is possible to enjoy the treat and luxury of crepes whenever you wish, …

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Crepe FAQ


Where Do Crepes Come From? Crepes originate from France. The point of origin is believed to be Brittany in North West France although pancakes are popular right across France. Crepes also go under the name of galettes in France. What Are The Main Ingredients? The main ingredients, ignoring fillings and …

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