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World Cuisine Crepe Maker


The World Cuisine Crepe Maker is equipped with features that can make your crepe making run smoothly. It includes a knob for regulating the temperature so that the crepe is cooked well. It also has a wooden turner and scraper that will make flipping the crepe so much easier. Of …

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Cucinapro 1448 Crepe Maker – Quick FAQ


If you’re looking to get a new electric crepe-maker, one of the leading brands out there is the Cucina Pro Electric Crepe Maker. You will find that the Cucina Pro has many advantages over other available brands. It’s very easy to use, even a novice won’t have a hard time …

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Cucinapro 1448 12-inch Griddle And Crepe Maker Review

Cucina_Pro_1448 12-Inch_Griddle_and_Crepe_Maker

The Cucinapro 1448 12-inch Griddle And Crepe Maker is a highly rated griddle and crepe maker.  The griddle and crepe maker features a 12 inch diameter griddle, an aluminum plate with non-stick coating, 5 temperature settings, and has 1000 watts of power.  If you enjoy making crepes and you’re in …

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Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker Review


There’s nothing better than homemade crepes. Unfortunately, though, I’ve never had a lot of success in making them myself. Still, though, I kept searching for a better way to make a good crepe in my own kitchen, and as luck would have it, I stumbled upon the 13-inch Krampouz Tibos …

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Andrew James Crepe Maker Review


Highlights of the Andrew James electric crepe maker are: The power of the machine is 1200 Watts. The cooking surface of the machine is 33 cms in diameter. Besides, the cooking plates are non-stick. Hence, it is easy to make crepes and take them out without making a mess You …

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Krampouz Crepe Maker

krampouz crepe maker

For a modern, quality crepe maker an excellent brand to consider is Krampouz. Based in Brittany, France (home of the crepe, no less!), Krampouz manufactures crepe makers for both domestic and commercial kitchens and have done so since 1949. They also have a wide range of machines for making waffles, …

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VillaWare V5225 Crepe Maker


I’ve had the VillaWare V5225 Crepe Maker for a few years now and I’ve absolutely loved it. I asked for this as a Christmas present when I was in high school. During my cooking class, I learned how to make crepes. It resulted in a lot of “crepe parties.” I …

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