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Chocolate Banana Crepe – Cooking With Children

Cooking crepes in Make Cooking Crepes in Electric Crepe Makers involving kids has another advantage. You can enjoy their company s well. You would no longer feel frustrated that you are not able to spend quality time with your kids. Moreover, children like various activities than go behind cooking like chopping, cleaning, mixing etc. Though you might find the kitchen table and floor horribly dirty after they have left – but the best thing about using crepe pans to cook crepes is that the mess is far more manageable than if you were cooking something else with the kids.

One of the crepe recipes that can be cooked on crepe pans is a chocolate banana crepe. Ask one of the kids to mix flour, milk and eggs. Keep the chocolate, bananas and the butter aside. The kids just love mixing things. Then ask another or the same kid to grease the crepe pan.

Now you have to pour the mixture on the crepe pan. Ask the kid to hold the crepe pan steady as you pour in the mixture. Let the child gradually swirl the crepe pan and watch the mixture roll out evenly on the pan. You may have to flip the crepe for the other side to cook, or you may ask the kid to do this, depending on the age of the child.

It is entirely up to you and what the kids like, to decide on the crepe topping or filling. But before the kids leave the kitchen, teach them how to clean crepe pans. Since these utensils do not require dishwashers and can be washed by hand using warm soap water, you would soon find that the kids can clean crepe pans very easy and fast too.

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