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Cucina_Pro_1448 12-Inch_Griddle_and_Crepe_Maker

Cucinapro 1448 12-inch Griddle And Crepe Maker Review

The Cucinapro 1448 12-inch Griddle And Crepe Maker is a highly rated griddle and crepe maker.  The griddle and crepe maker features a 12 inch diameter griddle, an aluminum plate with non-stick coating, 5 temperature settings, and has 1000 watts of power.  If you enjoy making crepes and you’re in the market for a machine, then this may be a great choice.  Let’s look into the various features.


12 Inch Diameter Griddle

The perfect size for creating crepes that resemble those restaurant professional crepes or crepes you can buy on the street from professional in France. At the same time, the 12-inch griddle is not too cumbersome for storage and can easily be tucked away with your standard kitchen pans.

Non-Stick Aluminum Plate

Easy cooking and flipping are possible with a nonstick aluminum surface, and when you finish the plate can be simply wiped down for an immaculate clean. Many users report the non-stick on Cucina Pro 1448 12-Inch Griddle and Crepe Maker is so good they don’t need to butter or oil the surface when cooking up their favorite crepe.

Five Different Temperature Settings

The 5 different temperature settings may not seem like it’s very important, but it can make a big difference in how you cook the crepes.  For example, if you want a thin and soft texture, you can cook in the lowest setting. But if you want a crispy crepe, you can use the higher settings so that it can brown up the crepe without overcooking it. Ultimate controllability whether you are a rank amateur beginner or a proficient cook. Use lower settings whilst you gain confidence, move up the settings once you quickly learn the art of crepe making. Higher settings give quicker cooking times and crispier crepes, choose the setting that suits the way you like your crepes. 1000 watt power give you the flexibility to cook quick if you need speed.

Batter Spreader Tools

This is an excellent bonus since you won’t have to spend additional money on a spreader.  Often overlooked, but essential for creating and flipping the best crepes. The tools supplied with this model will help you flip the crepe and get the correct thickness of batter mixture.

Convenient Cord Wrap

An often overlooked feature but a useful clutter reduction feature makes keeping your workspace tidy easy.

On/Off and Ready Lights

Easy to judge light system that tells you when you are ready to cook and helps achieve the perfect, even temperature setting for the best crepes.

Rubber Feet

Nonmarking rubber feet for stability and safety, allowing you to spread and flip without worrying about knocking or sliding the crepe machine about the workspace.

Instructions and Recipe Book

In case your not familiar with a crepe machine or have never used one before, all the instructions are supplied to help you start making quality crepes out of the box. Basic instructions on how to use the CucinaPro 1448 crepe maker features, how to prepare a crepe batter and some exciting ideas once your confidence is up and your feeling more adventurous.

One Year Manufacturers Warranty

You won’t have any problems with the build quality on this machine but if you are concerned then rest assured a warranty is supplied to cover any unlikely faults.

5lbs Weight

heavy enough to do the job, light enough for anyone to store away when you have finished using. Buy from the right place, and weight will have no effect on shipping as some outlets, such as ours, ship for free.

Let’s take a look at features of Cucina Pro 1448 12-Inch Griddle and Crepe Maker:

  1. 12-inch diameter griddle
  2. Non-stick aluminum plate
  3. 5 different temperature settings
  4. Batter spreader inside
  5. 1000 Watts

So what did customers have to say about CucinaPro 1448 crepe maker?  Customers like the fact that they could control the way their crepes came out with the 5 temperature controls.  They loved the fact that the crepe went on the surface easily and didn’t stick.  Many people didn’t even use oil and butter on the surface.  There’s even an indicator to tell you when your crepe is ready. So beginners can cook their crepes without any problems.


Overall, the Cucina Pro 1448 12-Inch Griddle and Crepe Maker is a fantastic value for what you pay.  It comes with all of the features you would want from a crepe maker and does an excellent job in making crepes.  The cleanup is easy, and the machine comes with a spreader and all the instructions you need to get started.  CucinaPro 1448 crepe maker is highly recommended and a great buy.


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Trouble-free job of preparing crepes
  • Adjustable temperature is handy
  • Best suited for a residential purpose
  • Non-stick in nature
  • Quick heat up time
  • Best value for the money paid

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