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How To Make Perfect Crepe?

Crepe batter needs to sit for a couple of hours. This according to many experts does not in any way add to the taste or hasten up the cooking process. The only benefit of allowing the crepe batter to sit for a longer while is that the final texture then becomes more elastic and stronger. But then, these things hardly make any difference to the final product.

The best crepe maker are those which are non-stick and about 6 to 7 o 9 to 10 inch in diameter. In regular crepe pans, the edges usually turn crispy, but not so with non-stick crepe pans.

Some crepe pans are made from heavy black steel, which is 4 to 5 inches in diameter. These crepe pans are also known as ‘poeles’. These pans turn rusty soon.

Do not worry if the first couple of crepes stick to the crepe pans. Simply throw them out. Gradually the crepe pans get heated the right way when making crepes become easier.

Crepe pans cannot be maintained properly if you soak them in soap water. Why not just wipe the crepe pans with a moist paper towel?

The right measures of crepe batter to make crepes of the right thickness are 2 to 3 tablespoons of batter for 6- to 7-inch crepes and about 1/4 cup for 9- to 10-inch crepes. Ensure that the batter should cover the entire surface of crepe pans. If this is not happening you might need a larger spoon or smaller crepe pans.

To test whether the crepe pans have attained the right temperature, drop a droplet of water when it should sizzle. Pour a small amount of the batter to check whether the crepe burns out or sticks to the crepe pans. Olive oil or butter is the best choice for making crepes.

Butter the surface of the crepe pans very thinly using a paper towel or a pastry brush.

It is not mandatory to keep all crepes sparkling white – some like them nice and brown too.

The batter for one crepe should be poured all at once and not little by little.

Swirl the crepe pans to enable the batter to spread evenly on the surface of the pans.

And how do you prepare crepes? Share your secrets in comment section!

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