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krampouz crepe maker

Krampouz Crepe Maker

For a modern, quality crepe maker an excellent brand to consider is Krampouz. Based in Brittany, France (home of the crepe, no less!), Krampouz manufactures crepe makers for both domestic and commercial kitchens and have done so since 1949. They also have a wide range of machines for making waffles, pancakes, blinis, tacos and ice cream wafers. Krampouz places great emphasis on heat distribution, temperature stability, high quality of cooking surface and comfortable working conditions to ensure that their products continue to keep customers happy, whether they make crepes at work or home.

There are many choices for the home kitchen – the “Family Range” of appliances. The Krampouz Tibos Electric Crepe Maker incorporates the Krampouz-patented batter spreader function and is a crepe maker with a stylish look and the ability to make big, fine crepes really quickly. Its elements include a 13-inch griddle with a non-stick surface, indicator light, adjustable thermostat and it comes with a plastic batter spreader, plastic ladle, wooden spatula, wooden scraper, cleaning brush, water jug, detailed instructions and booklet containing useful crepe recipes from all over the world.

There is also a gas-powered crepe machine (model number CGBIM4) which requires a butane propane gas supply. Krampouz propane crepe maker is suitable for outdoor use only as the control setting tap has no safety control.

For the professional kitchen, a Krampouz Crepe Maker is a widely recommended brand. Its advantages include a uniformity of heat over the entire surface, which is essential to successful crepe making. The innovative 6000 range removes the requirement to season the griddle; it has an advanced enameled cast iron griddle.

By doing some research online, or looking at what’s available in your local mall or department store, you should be able to find the Krampouz crepe machine that is perfect for you.


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