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VillaWare V5225 Crepe Maker

I’ve had the VillaWare V5225 Crepe Maker for a few years now and I’ve absolutely loved it. I asked for this as a Christmas present when I was in high school. During my cooking class, I learned how to make crepes. It resulted in a lot of “crepe parties.” I actually saw this model because my teacher had it. Well after that, I knew I needed to get it.

I’ve found this crepe maker very easy to clean, and any crepe can be created in only a couple minutes. Crepes come out absolutely delicious too! This machine is pretty fool proof and it’s light also. With the stovetop crepe makers, you need to make sure you carefully spread the batter as thin as possible so that it can match the typical thickness of a crepe. But with this crepe machine, since you dip it into the batter, you automatically get the right thickness. It basically takes all the headache out of making a crepe.

What I do to is cook a crepe on one side for about 35 seconds then flip it to the next side for another 40 seconds. You can also experiment with different batters as well. I’ve tried blue cornmeal batter, to sweet chocolate batter, to regular pancake batter. No matter what sort of batter you use, the crepe turns out delicious. But part of the fun of this crepe machine is to experiment – and that’s something will do plenty of!

You don’t need to worry if the dipping pan gets warped by heart or lost. I actually lost the dipping pan a couple of years ago – but no big deal. I simply use a large pasta bowl or even a pie plate and it works perfectly fine.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the VillaWare V5225 Crepe Maker. I’ve used my best crepe maker for years and have had no problems at all. The original Teflon is still going strong with no melting or cracks. So if you are looking for a cheap, no-brainer crepe machine that can cook up crepes that rival the best crepe bistros, then this crepe machine will satisfy. I can honestly say VillaWare V5225 cooks up crepes just as good as any crepe restaurant I’ve tried. Making your crepes at home is the way to go since you save a lot of money!

Ok, let`s move & speak about its characteristics.

Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker Review

The Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker is an excellent example of an electric crepe maker. This crepe maker consumes very less power and gives more performance making it economical and efficient at the same time. Villaware V5225 has beautiful crafted design; no other brands have matched it.

This crepe maker uses a very small amount of energy. It only consumes 900 watts per hour. Generally takes a crepe a minute to cook but for crispier crepe leave for longer. Its convex Xylan non-stick surface helps to cook your crepes faster and easier. It even cooks more quickly than a skillet. The automatic thermostat helps in maintaining healthy temperatures with ready-light control. The plastic handles remain cool throughout the process with the stay-cool technology. The cooking surface has a diameter of 7-1/2 inches. All needed parts are included in the package.

Villaware V5225 bakes versatile, paper thin, 7-inch crepes. Its die case aluminum hot plate helps in heating the crepes evenly. Not only can you make crepes using this fantastic product, but you can also make a variety of dishes.

The package has a list of recipes and instructions. You will discover in this manual the ease in using this brand of crepe makers and the number of dishes it can create. The whole machine is built in simple mechanism so using it is a no-brainer. To create great crepes, you just need to mix basic batter. Before turning on the crepe maker, make sure all the power cords are properly connected.  Switch the power on and spray some oil onto the cooking surface. After that, you can just pour the mixed batter onto the surface. Cooking starts right away, and the crepe is ready to serve after a few seconds.

Some other its features are:

Three Rubber Tipped Legs – Stable when cooking and won’t leave any marks on your cooking surfaces meaning you can use it in all sorts of situations not just on your kitchen top.

Weight – 2.8 pounds, making this machine light and easy to cook with.

Warranty – 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Why Villaware V5225 crepe maker is great?

The VillaWare V5225 Crepe Maker is simply great fun and easy to use even for the most inexperienced cook. The crepe maker is a dip, flip and cook machine. So you simply make up your crepe batter and place it in the dipping pan that is supplied with the crepe maker, power up the crepe maker and let it reach cooking temperature. When the light indicates, spread a little butter on the cooking surface and dip the cooking pan into the crepe batter. The crepe batter sticks in a thin and even coat on the convex cooking surface. You then let the pan sit on its legs and cook away. Within a minute you have a simple, perfect crepe that you can easily peel away. The crepe maker is small enough for easy storage and is easy to keep clean with its nonstick surface.

So, friends, you will be having many advantages of having an electric crepe maker like villaware V5225.  The cooking process is so simple and it’s really economical.  Even the power consumption is very less.  You can also try other Electric crepe makers like cucinaPro 1448 and tibos chromed.  But for me VillaWare V5225 is the best crepe maker.

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