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What Is The Best Crepe Maker To Get?

Crepes are easy to make at home, believe it or not. These fantastic snacks were once restricted to bistros and restaurants, but thanks to the home crepe makers, you can enjoy crepes in the privacy of your own home. Crepes are difficult to create manually because you have to correctly determine the thickness of a crepe or else you end up with disaster. However, technology in the form of a crepe maker makes crepe making easy.

If you want smooth and even crepes, the trick is to use a crepe maker. Using a regular pan for crepes will result in uneven edges. Crepe makers have a special circular grill where you spread the batter. The grill is created from die-cast aluminum for easier cleaning and a more even heat distribution.  You can get different varieties of crepe makers to suite your kitchen space.

It’s important that you choose the best crepe maker for your personal needs. You can look at getting a stove top variety of crape maker that has a sort of concave vessel with a convex griddle over it. By far, stove top creme machines are the cheapest options and often the most convenient for home crepe-making.  There are also electric crepe makers as well. These look like a sort of inverted pan on top of a heating element. Though these may be expensive, they allow far more crepes to be made that the stove top creep makers. Most restaurants will use electric crepe makers since you can make more than one crepe at the same time.

No matter what sort of crepe model you choose, make sure that the crepe machine will heat up quickly and retains the heat. New crepe makers can heat in less than a minute. Some crepe models have a heating control so you can fine tune the heating process. Also make sure the griddle is large enough to hold the crepe batter. The larger the crepe, the larger the griddle you will need.

When looking for best crepe maker, you can expect to pay $$ dollars to a $$$ dollars. For basic crepe making, the cheap crepe makers should work ok, though they won’t provide as much heat control and are slower cooking than the more expensive models. If you really fancy yourself a crepe connoisseur, you will want to get one of the more commercial crepe makers that cost a couple hundred dollars. This may sound expensive, but the results are worth it.

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