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World Cuisine Crepe Maker

The World Cuisine Crepe Maker is equipped with features that can make your crepe making run smoothly. It includes a knob for regulating the temperature so that the crepe is cooked well. It also has a wooden turner and scraper that will make flipping the crepe so much easier. Of course, cleaning this appliance is essential, so a cleaning brush is also included in the package.

This crepe maker has a diameter of 13 inches which is perfect in making large crepes. Other sizes that will suit your needs for crepe making are also available.

Crepe-making is made easy with World Cuisine Crepe Maker. Even a beginner will enjoy making crepes using this product. Crepe, by the way, is a type of pancake which is very thin. It’s made of liquid batter usually made from wheat flour mixed with a variety of ingredients depending on your taste.

When using this electric crepe maker, make sure you heat it up for a few seconds first. Then you can spray some vegetable oil or any type of cooking oil on the griddle before pouring a small amount of the liquid batter you made into it. Unlike making crepes on a frying pan, you do not need to lift and move the crepe maker to spread the batter easily. You can use the wooden crepe turner and scraper instead, so it is less weight for you to handle. After that, you would be able to enjoy your crepe in any way you like.

The World Cuisine Crepe Maker uses little electricity. When it comes to power consumption, one can save a lot with this product. All World Cuisine Crepe Makers also come with a one-year warranty, so repair and maintenance are never going to be a burden.

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